14 September, 2016

Chiang Mai Trip 2016

Alhamdulillah.. another girls trip for #tonggaknegara buddies. Memang plan yg tetiba jer.. and destinasi yang kitaorg memang tak pernah berangan nak pergi. Bermotto kan 'It is not about destination but the journey' kitaorg sangat2 berpuas hati ngan trip kitaorg kali nih.. 

Sebelum lupa, tepek dulu our iternary aritue:


Flight AA (Booking no: XE83TF)

KL – CM (2H40M)
2.45 PM
4.25 PM
8.45 PM

Fare returns: RM450
Accommodation:  HOSTEL (14 Blue House), 800THB per night.


2 SEPT 2016

-    Meet at Airport by Bus (driver) transfer to Guest House (14 Blue House)
     Went to Night market, Anusarn Market. Transport arranged by Jackie the owner of the     guest house for free.

-     Having dinner at RoamMitr 2 (halal food)
-     Went back to Guest House by Tuk Tuk (100THB)

3 SEPT 2016

-    8.00 am : Fetch by Weow and Bus

-    Having breakfast at Halal Street Hilal Town and tapau food for lunch.

-    Go to Money Changer to top up cash.


-    On the way, stopped by MHONG HILL TRIBE MARKET (Just like Cameron Highland that        selling fresh fruits,nuts and vegetables) & bought rain coat.

-    Walking Nature Trail for 4 hours. Passed by PHA DOK SEAW WATERFALL. Accompanied by  Guide (Weaw and Chali).
            §  See coffee plan and rice fields. Then to KAREN village where you will test home    made fresh coffee under name ‘MAE KLANG LUANG’
            §  Lunch on the way by the waterfall.
-          Picked up by Bus and headed to WACHIRATAN WATERFALL on the way back to Chiang Mai.

-    Headed to CANYON (HANGDONG)

-    Weow and Bus dropped us at Saturday Night Market for shopping.
-    Once done in Saturday night market then headed to Anusarn Market and having dinner.
-    Went back to Guest house by Tuk Tuk. (100THB).

4 SEPT 2016

-    8.00 am : Check out from hotel.

-    Photoshoot at Tha Pae Gate (nice wall is actually the entrance for Chiangmai old city).

-    Then having breakfast at the same place in Halal Street Hilal Town.

-    Stopped by Money Changer.


-    Headed to MAESA ELEPHANT CAMP and experienced Elephant bath, elephant show and elephant ride (800THB).

-    Went to Tiger Kingdom (having opportunity to take photo with Tiger and selected Small tiger package to have shot) Package : 800THB with 30 shot by the photographer.
     On the way back to Chiang Mai, visited THAI SILK VILLAGE and also SA PAPER &   UMBRELLA HANDICRAFT CENTRE.
     Transfer to Chiang Mai Airport about 5.00pm. Depart at 6.55pm from Chiang Mai and   touched down KLIA at 10.55pm.
    Ok satu gambar dulu..lau rajin nanti tepek more picas. Gambo belambak sesangat, sengal mata nk memilih... hehe

belanjer sekeping gambo dulu..
posing with Tiger..huhu
cant believe I did this...

Total Hangus:
1. Flight ticket - RM450
2. Guide and transportation - RM390 per head
3. Guest House RM80 /3 x 2 - RM54 (for 2 nights)
4. Tiger Kingdom - RM80
5. Elephant riding - RM80
6. Duit shopping & makan - rm556 + rm200 (change during in CM)

Till then, babai

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